Filthy Bitch Tracy

Hardcore Bondage
The blood was pouring from my busted lip. The kiss of the whip bit me too deep, but Master didn’t give a fuck. He’d gotten his favorite fucking slave back, and nothing was going to keep him from reminding me of that. “Shut the fuck up you filthy bitch.” He snapped as I cried out, cracking me right in the pussy. I couldn’t help but scream again as my clit took every last ounce of that pain. Then again, that was exactly what Master wanted.

He wanted me to beg, to plead, and to need him to give me the release I craved. This was my release, serving him. He was done hurting me, and came to caress my face, licking the blood away with a hungry look in his eye. He forced my mouth open, and slid his cock inside of my throat. I was hungry to please him, and sucked on his meat until he spilled hot seed in my mouth.

He left me restrained for another two hours, having gone of to shower and forgot about his pet. I will gladly be used by him, anything to make him cum. Deep fucking, anal gaping, anything. Anything fucking goes.
Cock Worshiping

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    • Bill on June 12, 2022 at 6:32 pm
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    Never seen a face contraption like that and I am intrigued.

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