Bare Bottom Spankings Required

I crave the Bare bottom spankings that my Master administers to my pale soft rump. I crave these forms of punishment so much I do little things that I know will get me over Masters knee. Why do I crave the spankings so? Well, I am a Submissive and am turned on by such punishments, let me explain…

The ritual of stripping my clothes slowly off seductively allowing Master to admire my body is a form of foreplay to foreplay, if you will… then Masters hand on my neck firmly as he stands behind me and whispers hot much of a naughty whore I have been in forgetting to do an errand for him and his hand clenches my throat. He then straps on a collar and leash and leads me to the throne where I am to lay across Masters lap. The feel of his warmth beneath me and his big hand on my bottom as he administers the first open handed spanking is so arousing. These continue to his hearts desire, and usually once my ass is red from his hand and his cock is throbbing hard beneath me.

This leads into Master bending me over and driving his throbbing dick in my sopping wet snatch for the hottest fucking.

Bare Bottom Spankings

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