Bare bottom spankings make my master hard, and I wet.

Bare bottom spankings

Bare bottom spankings make my master hard, and I wet. I have erotic submissive stories to tell; master receiving some cock worshiping from his favorite whore. I don’t bother to hide my excitement when I am getting my spankings. Lifting my ass, body quivering in anticipation of his hand coming down hard on my bare bottom. Turning my ass red, the tingling sensation moving from my bottom to my pussy. It is getting wetter. I can feel my pussy pulsating with need.

His hand pats my bare bottom. Not nearly as hard as his cock pressing into my stomach. My master is in need of some attention. I crawl on my knees between his legs. Keeping my gaze focused on his cock. Lifting it, rubbing it along my cheek, over my lips, letting my breath blow softly watching it quiver. Swirl my tongue around the tip of his cock. Letting his pre-cum rest on my tongue. Savoring it. Massaging his cock, cupping his balls. Running my tongue down the length of his cock. His velvety thickness, warm and hard. The perfect crevice on his well-formed cock head. Lips pulling that mushroom head into my mouth. Cupping his balls, big perfect hairy balls. Full of cum. Firm. Raising my eyes to look at him as I take him deeper into my mouth. Feeling his cum pour down my throat.

Pulling his cock from my mouth, I tilt my head back to look up at him. Our eyes meet. He quirks an eyebrow and I drop my gaze to his lips. “You are my favorite submissive whore. Next time, I will treat you with a golden shower.”

I stop myself from smiling. My master pleased me with a bare bottom spanking. I showed my gratitude by worshiping his cock. I even got the promise of a golden shower.

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