Baseball Bat To The Cunt Made Me Wet

Slave TrainingI got fucked up at a party the other night, like the druggy cunt I am. I ended up chained to a wall, getting railed by four big, black cocks all at once. They used me like a cocksleeve, a little fuck puppet. I had snorted so much coke, I didn’t care. Their leader hung me from the ceiling, chained by my saggy tits.
My eight inch pumps were barely brushing the ground. Fuck it hurt! I was dripping wet by the time they took a wooden baseball bat to my pussy. I screamed; because fuck it hurt, but I couldn’t help but want more. I became their piñata; they cracked my ribs, ripped at my hair, pulled out my teeth.
I was in the sweetest agony, a heaven in hell. Every time they landed a blow, the tears leaked from my eyes, the blood from my cuts, and a thick, sticky wetness from my cunt. Offering me more coke, they put a pigs mask on me now. Their side of bacon; I was squealing like Suey herself. A bat to the temple knocked me out. When I woke up, I was tucked into bed, all cleaned up. The manacles around my wrists let me know I was trapped; again.

Bondage S&M

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