Beaten Bloody – Hooks For Whores

Hardcore BondageHow many days have I been trapped in this dungeon, used and abused? I don’t know. Four, maybe five? I know I get beaten unconscious more than once a day. My pussy stays wet, and my bruises stay dark. Just last night, I was hanging from the ceiling by hooks. I’ve never been in so much pain, or so humiliated in my entire life.
They suspended me with what felt like a million sharp steel hooks. All through my tits, my thighs, my stomach. Even my poor pussy got a taste. It took what felt like hours to hang me, and then, they left me. In total darkness, with only the sound of my own breathing. Eventually they came back. I froze in terror, but my needy cunt gave me away. I was slick as a driveway in December as I watched six men walk in with baseball bats.
For hours, I was their human pinata. They would come, take a crack at my ribs, and watch me swing. The more I screamed, the harder they tried to get the candy out. They finally took a shot at a Grand Slam. One of the men started to force the bat into my abused cunt. He stretched me out. I was crying, and begging for release from my bonds, but a bat to the mouth shut me up. He started to fuck me with the bat. When I was right on the edge of cumming, my poor exhausted body doing anything it could to stay alert, he ripped it out, and took a swing. Full force, right to the cunny. The pain was beyond me, and I passed out. How much longer would I be trapped here? Was I going to make it out alive? Irrelevant questions; did I even truly want to escape? My heart said yes, but my greedy cunt told me no.

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