Kidnapped And Kept

Rape Phone Sex FantasiesI didn’t know who they were or what they wanted. All I knew is that there were at least six of them, and all of my holes were filled with at least one cock. I’m pretty sure there were two in my ass. I was leaving for the night, locking up my business. Well I was heading to my car, someone called my name.

Stupid slutty me turned around, tripping over my 8 inch pump heels. My head hit the pavement. The next thing I knew, I was handcuffed, spread eagle, and blindfolded. It felt like we were moving so I guess we were in the back of their van. I was crying, but my pussy was giving away how excited I was.

They’re taking my clothes, my sight, my freedom. Now they were taking me, and using me the way I was meant to be. I was dripping, begging for them to stop while my cunny pleaded for more. I was slurping cum, sucking cock. I was helpless against the way they were raping me. Unwanted or not, my cunt wanted it. I kept cumming, getting wetter and wetter. That just egged them on.

The cock in my ass must have been at least 10 inches, and thicker than three of my fingers. He was destroying me from the inside out. The two in my pussy were equal sized. I was being stretched to my limits, choking on the cock down my throat. I couldn’t stop crying; I couldn’t stop cumming. Fuck it all hurt so bad. I blacked out. That didn’t stop them.

When I awoke I was cum-stained but unchained. Naked and alone in a dark room with a cold, stone floor. I was being watched. “Look, our cocksleeve is awake.” The pain was more than I could handle. And yet, I needed it all over again.

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