Binding Myself In The Hotel

bondage whoreWhen you announced we were going on a road trip, I thought that meant a break from our BDSM lifestyle as it did the last time we went on a trip. It is a little harder to practice bondage in hotel rooms with no pulleys, hanging hooks, or any of our other assorted bondage equipment. I was soon to find out I was wrong about this trip. While I experienced relative freedom on the car ride, things changed when we arrived at the first hotel on our trip. In the room, you demanded I lie on the floor face down. You told me you were not going to tie me up but I was going to restrain myself from movement. You told me I was to take my feet into my hands and maintain that position. I was not to drop my legs for any reason or there would be consequences. This mental domination was more difficult than being bound with ropes. When the ropes are holding me, I am able to let myself go into that special place in my mind. Holding myself, I found that I must remain focused on my body and what it is doing. This position spread my pussy open wide and I could feel the wetness leaking from me. You sat in the chair and although you seemed to be watching tv, I knew you had a perfect view of me in your peripheral vision, which meant you could see how wet my gaping pussy was. After what seemed like eternity, you finally approached me. Getting on your knees behind me, you lifted my legs to your lap, instructing me not to let go. As I held my legs in place, you entered me, filling my stretched pussy completely. You put your hands on my calves and started moving me on your cock. With my arms stretched behind me and my legs up, my abdomen was rounded on the floor. As you moved me, it was almost a rocking chair motion that I was moving in. In this position, your balls slapped my stretched cunt on every stroke, perfectly connecting with my clit. My clit couldn’t handle much pounding before I was begging you to allow me to come. Thankfully you granted permission. As my orgasm started, my pussy muscles clenched tightly around your cock. The pressure was too much for you to bear and you were soon filling my pussy with your warm cum. As we prepare for bed, I am wondering what sort of fun lies ahead for Day 2 of our road trip.

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