Bloody Submissive Cunt

Having a bloody cunt is something I am used to. Master will torture fuck me hard and rough until I bleed with his cock or toys. When he plans gangbangs with big BBC it happens, my cunt has taken beatings. Being on my period makes no difference to him. He still planned for me to get fucked and use for his amusement. I am not a free bleeder, but master had me stand there naked, pussy dripping blood as all the BBC bulls walked in. Master pulled out his cock and I got to my knees.

Extreme fetish phone sex

They stroked their big black cocks as I sucked master’s dick. Right before he was going to cum, he pulled his cock out and sprayed my face with all his gooey thick nut. He told me he wanted me filthy and dripping with cum by the end of the night. I nodded in agreement as the bulls walked towards me. I got on all fours, and I could feel my bloody pussy starting to get excited. The first few cocks filled my mouth and cunt. Then what felt like a horse dick was pushed into my asshole. Master allowed me to play and rub my clit, so I did hard and fast. I started fingering my bloody cunt and I could feel how deep in my ass he was. It pushed me over the edge, and I started cumming on my fingers. He made me lick my fingers as I kept getting fucked for the rest of the night. Making sure I would be dripping with cum like master order.  

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