Used and Abused

submissive slut

I truly love being a submissive slut. I don’t know why, but it turns me on when a man bends me over and tells me that he’s going to fuck me like a little whore. And when they tell me that it’s all I’m good for, that’s just about the hottest thing in the world. It makes my pussy throb and sometimes it even makes me cum on that big fat cock immediately. I just can’t help it. Being a whore is just something that I feel I was born for.

In true whore fashion, I love fucking more than one guy at once. I like to have a bunch of guys on my roster so that if one guy isn’t around, then someone else will be. And I don’t like to just fuck men, either. I love it when I find a couple who wants to fuck a dirty little whore like me. They can both use me for their carnal pleasure. Eating pussy while getting my wet cunt gets fucked from behind is one of the hottest things in the world. I know they are both just using me for their pleasure and don’t care about mine. But you know what? That’s the best thing about it.

Maybe some people might think I’m crazy because I like to be used. I know that sometimes people don’t get how hot it is to be a submissive phone sex whore like me, but that’s okay. That just means there is more fun for me to be had and they will be missing out on it. If you’re ready to have a girl like me all to yourself, then just give me a call. And remember, there is absolutely nothing that I won’t do to make sure you’re satisfied.


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