Bound For Pleasure

bondage whore

Master came over to my place today with a new toy for me. It was one of them huge back massagers. He told me this was for my personal pleasure when he is not around, for being such a good girl lately. Of course I am a good girl. It is my main priority to make him happy. I noticed he had some rope hanging out of his back pocket. At this point I knew he had a hidden agenda. Don’t they always? As he was getting ready to leave he grabbed me up from behind and threw me down into a chair. I really did not struggle with him that much. I learned early on the more you struggle the harder you pay. Out came the rope as he bound me securely to the chair, pulling the rope in between my pussy lips then around my waist. After that he taped my ankles to the legs of the chair with some heavy duty bonding tape. Lastly he took the new present he brought over and and taped it to the chair just at the point where it reached my pussy lips. Then he turned it on and walked out of my apartment locking the door behind him.

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