Can You Handle Two Submissive Slits?

Submissive sex

If you’re fortunate enough to find two hot slutty slaves that want to have submissive sex with then I’d say you should play the lottery because lady luck is definitely on your side!  Most guys have to pay for two passive pussies to pound when they need more than one woman to slap around and subjugate.  My friend and I like the way you look, so we want you to dominate our dong ditches and fill us both up with cum.  If you want to, that is.

You might not have what it takes to get the job done.  Not talking about the size of your beaver beater, that really doesn’t matter.  Sure, huge cocks are great, but most guys are about average or less.  I’m talking about the drive and determination needed to handle two slutty sub whores and really make us feel like you’re in control.  We’ve been doing this for a long time, we know how to suss out fake doms and the men who mistakenly believe they could be the master of even one submissive slut, let alone two of us. 

You look great, just pick a pussy and penetrate it, Pal.  Don’t worry about what we think about how you treat us, just fucking do what you do and I’m sure it’ll be fine.  Don’t hold back, because I guarantee you we won’t.  Show us you can control two wet and sloppy cunts with a heavy hand, this is your one shot to prove yourself.  Make it count!


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