Candlelit Submissive Sex Chat

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This milf phone sex whore loves to be strung up by her feet. A spreader bra shackled to my feet. A chain Connected and a crank, as I am hoisted up in air upside down. My pussy is wet and I feel it start to drip down my stomach. My clothes were cut off. I fed tablespoons of cum from a collection of men I had fucked that week.  I was allowed a straw in my cum hungry mouth to suck the cum up with. Three tapered candles are shoved deep in my upside down cunt.  The candles are lit after I am forcefully fucked with them and I cum on myself. Now my cunt is wet enough the candles can drip down onto my pussy and ass cheeks. I am adjusted after a while and hot wax runs down my tits and my stomach. Now Master is using my suspended body to suck his cock at the perfect hight. Out of the corner of my eye, I see money exchanging hands and cock after cock is fucking my mouth and cummimg inside my throat. I have to keep all the cum inside me if Not I get a twack, thack smack in my face or on my tits. My nipples are beaten with a hairbrush and then cool water is thrown on my tired wax covered body. and then master leaves me hanging and still under the command to keep all the cum inside my stomach.submissive sex chat

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