Captured For Fun

Submissive Whore

He found his way back into my house even after changing my houses locks for the eighth time! He caught me in the shower, and I felt his wet arms around my body. I relaxed and tried to act fine but I panicked and wet to run. He obviously did not feel like chasing me tonight as his arms flexed around me, holding me tightly in his arms. He dragged our naked bodies out of the warm shower pounding hot water onto the tiles. I screamed the whole way to my bed, but he only shoved my panties into my mouth and dragged his rope he must have brought with him over to my naked and shivering body. I could feel my pussy betraying me, getting wet from the fear he instills in me as he wrapped and bonded my wrists together tight! I know what’s to come next and I’m hungry for it…

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