Submissive whoreI’m never happier than when I’m all tied up and completely at master’s mercy. I am his, totally claimed, totally submissive. Completely his submissive whore. To use, to abuse, and to keep as his own. I’ll not forget easily my first time being claimed. I was so very young. So very ready to be somebody’s. My father, who had trained me so well, was driving me to the meeting place. I had very strict instructions. We arrived, it was high in the mountains, very secluded. The new master’s car was already there. I kept my eyes to the floorboards. Father stepped out and met with him. My heart was pounding, I was so scared I would forget something, embarrass myself. A few moments, which seemed as hours, later, father sat back down. I immediately exited the vehicle, walked around to kneel at my new owner’s feet, and waited silently as the gravel dug into the flesh of my knees. I hear father’s car leave. My heart was fully in my throat now. This was it. Focus, Jessica.

He dropped his pants, and I immediately began deepthroating his cock, just as I was taught. I kept my eyes down, as I had not been given permission to look up yet. As soon as he came down my throat in surging waves, he pulled his impressive cock from my mouth and pissed his hot musk all over me. I was moved. I was claimed. He marked me exactly as his own. He cupped my chin in his hand and gently turned my face up to his, permitting me see him. He was tall, and powerful looking. Still we did not speak. He drove me to his home, and led me upstairs, to a big bathroom with a large stone tub. I stood perfectly still as he disrobed me, inspecting my flesh, my teeth, my hair, every curve and crease to my body. He took time running a bath, bathing me, and re dressing me in an outfit of his choosing.

I followed him to his bedchambers, where I was tied and laid on the bed.

The things he taught me that night changed me forever. I know where I belong.

Will you be my master?

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