Cocksucking Lessons

submissive slut (7)

I am trying to teach my daughters…(yes even the youngest, freshest one) the importance of being a submissive slut and how it ties into being an obedient cocksucker. Your lips that you wrape around that cock aren’t supposed to be being all slow and romantic…guys don’t like that shit. I tell them, and even show them exactly how one is supposed to suck a cock. Just open that mouth wide and take it all the way down your fucking throat! I show them how I barely gag on cock now unless I am getting my face skull fucked and rammed like a whore…the whore that I am! My daughters aren’t as good as me now at sucking dick but I sure do like seeing them try…literally makes my pussy SO wet! These toys have been nice for demonstrating but I think they need a real live cock that is nice and warm and has a gooey treat for the end!

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