Cum drinking

Cum eating phone sex

My daddy taught me a lesson on being the perfect submissive whore. The first rule is that my mouth is for cocks only, and to keep it closed around him and my brothers unless I’m sucking their dicks. Part of my lesson was having to wear a ballgag at all times and to only take it off to eat, drink, and suck cock. The four of them surrounded me and took turns fucking my mouth and then inserted a funnel into my mouth and made me sit still while they each jerked themselves off into the funnel and made me drink their cum all at once. I nearly choked on all the cum funneling into my mouth, but I wanted to prove I could be a good submissive slut for them, so I swallowed it all down. Once I had drank their cum, they put the ballgag back into my mouth and made me remain silent again.

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