I will do anything for you


Submissive phone sex

My pussy is so wet that you could slide your cock right inside of me, we could have so much fun I know this. I see your dick is so hard that it wants to stab me deep inside of my slippery wet cunt flesh, all I’ve been thinking about is you. Let me be your tramp I promise you I’m going to deliver the best I can be your whore if you want me to. I will drop down on my knees, and I will suck your cock at the drop of a hat if you tell me to that is what I’ll do for real. Do you know you have me under your spell I will do anything that you ask me to you own me and I am your sex slave I’ll let you fuck me? I’ll let you go really crazy you don’t have to worry about rules not with me sweetheart because I need you so bad. Don’t you want to own me, don’t you want to be the rule in charge you could be the top guy in my life. Don’t you want to fuck me like all of the rest of the guys are begging me to don’t you want to give me your big fat cock. I am in love with you, and I don’t care what the people say everyone has a word to put in on our Exchange. All the guys say that you’re not worthy they say you don’t have as much as they do they always try to complain, but it doesn’t stop me from lusting after you. All I know is that my eyes are made to want you and only you, all I can see when the rest of the guys come around is you, babe. I have wanted to be your sex slave for so many months, ever since I saw your face at my girlfriend’s party. I know you know how to kiss puys you well because I saw you kissing all of those girls and you were licking all of their cunts one at a time right after another. You were so fucking hot, and I fell in love at that moment because I need a nasty man who will get out of control. So let me be your whore let me be your sophisticated slut let me be your secret skank I’m waiting I want to too bad. And when you own me not another guy is going to count you’re the only man in the world and what you say will always be number one in my life. Think about it think just how great it could be.

Submissive Whore

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