Cum play with me

scat phone sex

I had a call for Scat phone sex today that was very exciting. He asked if I minded scat play and I said that I have no limits. So he went into describing how he would like to lay me down on the bed, take off any clothes that I had on and then squat over my chest. He would like me to lick and suck on his cock while he took a long, steamy shit right on my tits. He wanted to make sure that he was getting taken care of while he took care of me. He described it as a long, slightly coiled hot, brown pile of semi-soft poo. It would lay right in between my breasts and sit there while I finished his blowjob. If I was a good girl then he would rub it in all over my nipples and boobs. He then said after a bit that he could feel some more knocking and so this time he squatted over my torso/belly and let loose another semi-soft round. He rubbed it in all over my belly and made sure to get it into my belly button. He then came up and ha me lick his hands clean. He made the experience very sensual and I enjoyed all of it!

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