It hurt so bad

submissive whoreMy Master wanted me to fuck these gigantic dildos today and when I got a good look at them it scared me. They were HUGE! These big red cocks as big as a horse dick! And he wanted me to shove as much of them up inside me as I could. I wasn’t allowed to lube them up either, I just had to pray that my natural lubrication would be enough. I was trying my hardest to get them inside my pussy but I guess I wasn’t doing a good enough job because Master came over and grabbed it and shoved it so deep. I screamed so loud, the pain was so unexpected and so big I thought I would pass out. I tried my best to just relax and let it happen, he violently fucked my pussy with that giant dildo until his arm got tired. By then I was gaped wide open and my pussy hurt so bad, Master didn’t want to fuck that stretched out hole so he flipped me over and dry fucked my ass until he came.

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