Curfew curse

submissive slut

I swear I have a curse on me. I always get caught by my master when I am late. It was a night out with my friends. I never cared to text my boss that¬† I was going to go out for a girls night out and I much less didn’t tell him it was going to be all night long. My master installed a tracking device and was furious with me. The next day he came over with one of his pets and decided Shiloh needed a to be a better submissive slut. He had this slave get me on all fours and started to fist me hard with no mercy. I had tears running down my face pleading and begging. He had no compassion and wanted me to know who was in charge. If I ever disrespect him that way again I will have get the glass dildo with the knife on the edge. I won’t ever disobey my master again. The pain was so unbearable. I learned my lesson for sure!!!

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