Daddy has a new doll

Bare bottom spankings

Daddy brought over a cute blonde today. Naomi is a hot piece of ass. I was able to get acquainted with her. Daddy told me I could treat her however I wanted. I knew he was testing me and seeing how far I would take things. I was going to show him that I have been a slave pet that has learned a thing or two from her great master. I wasted no time I got right to it and slapped Naomi so hard I’m sure the whole building heard her screeching screams. It was filled with pain and no pleasure. I proceeded and finished her off with a few more bare bottom spankings and moved on to her twat. I pounded it until she was in tears. I think the master is proud of the ruthless slut I have become. I may be shy and timid as his submissive princess but, I am a dominant mistress to all other slave sluts.

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