Daddy Issues

submissive slut

So if you have read up my bio, you can see what type of girl I am. I’m a submissive slut through and through, and honestly, I am not ashamed of it one bit. Yes, I know all about how the world is about the feminist now and the cancel culture. All of that shit, whatever, I say. If I am happy being a subby slut that knows my place as a woman, that shouldn’t bother anyone else. If it gets my pussy wet to be beaten and abused, then that’s my prerogative. 

I don’t judge other girls for wanting respect and wanting to have doormats for men. I am the opposite.

I have daddy issues and crave the attention of dominant men. Whenever I see a man that wants to put me in my place, my panties instantly get drenched. I like to feel my wet pussy get so excited. Whenever a man uses me in any way, I am one content slut. It all stems from my daddy issues, of course.

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