Daddy’s Dirty Little Slave

Submissive WhoreMy naked body is tied up in the pretty rope that splits my cunt into two. My ball gag in my mouth causes the drool to run out of my mouth and hits my tits. You have your thick flogger out and you’re whipping it against the pale skin of my tits. I’m moaning and crying into the gag while you call me a whore and telling me to shut up while you use me as your tight cunt hole and your sexy fuck doll. You put me on my hands and knees and use this tight shit hole as your cum dumpster and fuck me until I’m screaming your name for hours on end. Don’t you love using your slave daddy? Do you like when Masters young slut listens to all to you and begs for your bucket loads of cum? Cum for me and in me daddy!

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