Disobeying Master

Submissive slutI was watching tv and a underwear add for men triggered the thought of Master’s cock. My cunt is getting all wet and I have hours before Master is home from work. I can’t wait that long to get Master’s cock but he has giving me instructions to not dare touch my pussy with anything at all. Not even my own fingers. Master will know if I played with my cunt by just the way it smells and looks. I was dripping down my thigh and all I could think of was having Master’s big fat cock. I was so horny I couldn’t help myself I was dragging my cunt along the hard floor. Master came home and caught me and he was pissed. I know I disobeyed him but I was too horny just thinking about his cock. Master did not care for any excuse I had. He whipped off his built quickly and started striking me right there on the floor. I was squirming and crying out sorry but that did not stop him.
He wanted to see my tears it was a turn on for him merely making him harder. He dropped his belt grabbing by my hips fiercely pulling my ass up. He did not fuck my cunt I did not deserve that instead I got a hard dry ass fucking.

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