Tied Down and Used

Submissive slut

I love being tied to the bed so when you pulled out the rope and had me strip down I immediately started to get wet. You tied my hands and feet to the four poster bed and put the gag in my mouth. Sensory deprivation is the name of the game and you play it well Master. You put a blindfold over my eyes and earplugs in so I could only hear muffled sounds. I saw the toybox when I came into the room but I’m not privy to what you’ll be using tonight. I felt you run your hands all over my body and I moaned into the gag. Then I felt the vibration of a wand as you rubbed it on high against my little clit, my hips bucking against the sensory overload. When that stopped I felt your fingers rubbing lube onto my tight little asshole, I cried out as you slowly shoved a plug into my ass and left it there. Now it’s Master’s turn to really use me. You pushed the head of your cock against my cunt and slowly slid inside. My pussy extra tight from the plug filling my ass. You used the wand against my clit while fucking me, forcing me to orgasm over and over onto your cock. My pussy twitching must’ve felt good because I could hear muffled groans and feel your hot cum shooting into my belly. You pulled out and left me there tied to the bed, full of cum with my senses minimized for what feels like hours. The mind games you play with me drive me wild, I love being controlled by you Master.

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