Do You Like Submissive Sex?

submissive sex

Do you like submissive sex? It is all I have ever had. Not once in my life have I been able to be in charge. Not saying I would want to. I do not think I would know what to do. Oscar is this guy I met at a fetish club before Covid-19 changed my life. He has been my master for a few months now. He is pushing me to take charge more. Not with him. He would never permit that. What he wants is for me to dominate his teen daughter. I feel like that is his job only, but he likes the idea of his sub spanking his daughter. He forced me to do it last night. I just tried to think about what all you phone masters do to me. I channeled you last night. After dinner, I grabbed his blonde twat of a girl and threw her over my knees. I pulled her panties down and gave her the hardest spanking ever. Bare bottom spankings leave a mark on such a young ass. She was kicking and screaming. She begged for daddy’s help, but he was just stroking his cock watching. Turns out I like dominating young girls. But do not worry. I have not forgotten my place.

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