Don’t be a tease

submissive whore

One of my co-workers had enough of me wearing tight skirts. My co-worker wanted to show me a lesson. One day it was just him and I after a long day of work. He was being persistent and tried to fuck me in the copy room. It was the only place that didn’t have cameras. He stopped asking me but a couple of minutes went by, and he wanted to show me something. I had an inkling that something was wrong but my dumbass followed him. I fell right into his trap, and he got me in the notorious copy room. He locked the door and overpowered me and reminded me I was going to be his submissive whore whether I wanted it or not. He had a bag full of stuff. My co-worker planned this out very well. I was gaged fucked and beaten for hours. I knew not to say a thing. I was his fuck slut for the rest of the year till he got promoted and left to another state.

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