Drenched In Cum

cum slut phone sex

If you’re on the prowl for cum slut phone sex, then I’m the phone fuck for you. Let me just say that I absolutely love being a submissive pet. I was born for this role, because I’m an extremely subservient cum whore who lives to please. Just the other night, a sexy man invited me to one of his night clubs, where he had an entire room full of fun just waiting for me. He dressed me up head to toe before the excitement began. Hair and makeup done just right, with a nice little harness and some lacy crotch-less panties. He even had me in those really sharp heels. You know the ones that could puncture my ass as I’m on my knees where I belong. That night was cock sucking night, which I couldn’t have been more prepared for. I’m completely addicted to semen and the more loads I can take in a night, the happier I am. I think by the time he and his friends, colleagues and partners were finished with me, I had ingested at the very least 40 loads of cum. I still could’ve gone for more too. There is never enough as far as I’m concerned.
Do you like seeing a slut like me guzzle it down? Covered and drenched in that creamy goodness. Let’s explore this fantasy together.

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