I Knelt and Waited for my Master

Submissive SlutWhenever I get a text from my master that only gives a day and time, I immediately get so excited. My pussy starts to get warm and wet. That is the signal for me to be ready for play time. I am to make sure my body is freshly waxed, and everything is nice and clean. I always arrive just a little early to get ready. I put on whatever he has laid out for me, apply bright red lipstick and tie my hair back. Then I kneel on the floor with my head lowered and wait. It doesn’t matter how long I wait I never look up until he has given me permission. Tonight, it seems like I knelt for hours for his arrival and my knees were getting tired, but I never move. I know he has secret nanny cams all around and he would know if I did. Finally, he shows up, opens the door and gets in the shower. He said not a word to me, and I remained still, never flinching. When he was finished, he came to me, lifted my head and smiled at me. He sat in a chair and told me to crawl to him. I did exactly as instruct and when I got to him, he removed his towel and motioned me towards his dick. I knew what he wanted, and I started licking and sucking his cock with long strokes just like he likes. After he was hard, he grabbed my head and started ramming his hard cock deep in my throat, choking me with every thrust. Tears ran down my face and I could barely breath. I gasp for air and the urge to throw up because I am nothing but a submissive slut to my Master. After unloading his warm cum in my mouth he pulled me by my hair and drug me towards the table……………. To be continued.

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