Drowning In His Cum

I was made to be a good cum dump. Any guy I end up worshiping uses me just to blow his load. The last time I swallowed so much cum his last load came out my nose. He tied me up, so I had no control. He teased my cunt with a big, long dildo he uses, watching me squirm turns him on. When his cock was nice and throbbing hard, he slapped my face with his hard meat.

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I knew it meant it was time for me to suck it. Of course, I put my mouth on his throbbing cock and pushed my head down so it could go as far as I could take it down my throat. He grabbed my hair and face fucked me until I couldn’t breathe, and tears were streaming down my face. He came a few times, but the last load was so big it had me drowning in his cum and then it came out my nose. He petted me as he called me his good cum dump.  

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    • Master Daddy on December 31, 2021 at 12:50 am
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    You are the best bitch ever.

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