Dungeon call

submissive slut

I went down for some secret meeting. As a submissive slut I am taught by my master anything can transpire. Down to the dungeon, I went.  Every time I have to go there, I am always expecting the worst sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s terrible other times it’s a surprise that’s not too bad. After being beaten to a bloody pulp all weekend, I dreaded what it could be. The first rule of the torture chamber is don’t complain.  It doesn’t matter if you’re bleeding profusely and you’ve been beaten for hours if you complain or let it be known how unhappy you are, you will be tortured even more. all he wanted was an excellent deep blow job. The kind of Bj that will put him in the best mood ever.  Immediately I went on my knees and began to worship Him and deepthroat him. As a thank you he pissed all over my face and gave me a nice slap to the face.

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