Ella Master and I

BDSM phone sex today I figured that I would surprise my master by having my sister come over for him to abuse her too. Master likes my sister a lot and loves having her over. She is a whore too but a whore without a master. Master knew that when he got home today Ella and I would be waiting anxiously for him. Ella and I polished all chains up and made sure all his toys were ready for his use. Master pulls in the garage and Ella and I scramble to the door on our knees and get into first position. Which is on our knees, back arched, hands behind our backs. Master walks in and sees us in perfect position and he was pleased. He gave each of our nipples and nice little twist and pinch. He told us to strip off his clothes and we did rather quickly. His cock already throbbing hard springing out of his boxers as we pulled them down. Ella and I both were being greedy whores and we both attacked his cock with our mouth. The rest of the night was a nothing but tortured pleasure and squirting cunts. Let’s chat to finish the story.

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