Erotic Submissive Stories of Daddy

erotic submissive stories I am full of erotic submissive stories. I have been a slave since I was knee high. It began with daddy. He made me the submissive slave I am today. I will admit that I never wanted to be my father’s slave. He did unspeakable things to me when I was young, and I hated him for it. I ran away from home as a teen girl. In hindsight, I get excited thinking back to when I was a scared young girl with a very dominant daddy. All the BDSM things I love now, have roots in my youth like bondage. I am a mature bondage whore because my dad tied me up when I was young. He did not tie me up the same way my master does. He tied me up to restrain me so I would not fight and later so I would not escape. But those formative years being tied up by daddy gave me a deep love for bondage. My earliest memories of bondage with daddy involved his friends who he let fuck me. I was a little girl and daddy would tie me up so his friends could force fuck me. I was young and scared, but I would wiggle and fight, so he tied me up. Later, he would tie me to my bed so I would not runaway while he was at work. One day, I got loose and fled, never looking back. That was almost 30 years ago. When I left home, I told myself I would never be a submissive whore for anyone. That never happened. Today, I am an owned bitch. But, when master ties me up it is a mutual love for bondage. And I realize now that my love for bondage goes back to the days of my daddy tying me up.

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