Erotic submissive stories teach me.

Erotic submissive stories teach me. I would like to tell you about how I became a submissive. Everyone starts someplace and I was stuck. Unhappy, felt like the same thing was happening everyday and I knew what that was. Nothing. I was in a rut. 

                Meeting the man who would awaken the hardcore bondage whore I am now. Went looking for something not sure what when a friend asked me to go with to club. I was given a mask when we entered. I liked the feel of the satin on my face. The enigma of it all. Settling in to enjoy a night of new experiences my eyes wondered the room. Alighting on women and men in varies stages of dishabille. Then I saw her… a woman sitting at the feet of a man. She wore two stars on her nipples, her pussy was covered by a small black triangle, and nothing covered her ass. Her only other adornment was a collar with a small chain leash.Erotic submissive stories                I was wet and shocked. She didn’t look sad. She looked happy as she gazed at the man. I watched them and he looked up and saw me. Leaning forward he spoke to her before standing and walking to me, she followed until they reached me and took the chain off. Whispered something to her and she smiled, walking away.

                We chatted at the bar, getting to know each other. Donny’s hazel eyes held me captivated. I sat at his feet as he read to me. Soothed by his voice, wanting more. I asked for more. A private room. Silk scarfs tied to the bed post. A scarf to cover my eyes making me experience everything by touch alone. It was slow and sweet. The best sex I had in my life. The soft bondage had me wanting more. I had started and I needed so much more.

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