Erotic Submissive Stories With Bo

erotic submissive stories

Oh, hello there. How are you, Sir? Do you want to hear about some of the experiences I’ve had? Oh, I’d love to tell you some erotic submissive stories. I am such a good girl and I will always do what’s best to please my Master. Once you hear some of the things I’ve been told to do and then I’ve done them with a smile on my face. It’s just who I am as a person and I’d love to tell you so you can be my new Master, if you find that I am worthy enough.
I’ll just tell you a bit about one of the first Masters I ever had. He instructed me to sit on my knees with my nose in the corner until he wanted me. When he called for me, I would crawl over and ask him what I could do to make him happy. Sometimes he would want nothing more than a blow job. But sometimes, he would tell me to crawl into his bedroom and put on the outfit he’d laid out for me. Once I did that, that’s when the fun would begin. Sometimes it would just be him using my body, but sometimes he’d bring over a bunch of his friends. Oh boy, that was so much fun. Call me, Sir, and let me tell you all about it.

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