He used me

submissive whoreHe used me so hard last night. I was tied up and gagged with a bar, I was completely helpless just the way he likes me best and even tho I should have been scared I was turned on. My pussy was so wet and every time he struck me it just got wetter. The pain and pleasure were all mixed together and I knew that I was fulfilling my life’s purpose by letting him use me as he pleased. I was born to be his whore, I have no other purpose in life except to take care of all his needs. He beat me and used me until finally he came and I was just hanging there unsatisfied. I wanted to cry but I knew better than to beg, that would only make him make me wait longer so I tried to be patient. He laughed at me, he knew that I wanted to cum so bad so finally he put the vibrator on my clit and I came immediately.

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