Erotic submissive stories With Rosalie

Erotic submissive stories

Good Afternoon Sexy men! Im looking for some erotic submissive stories to make me cum over and over again. Ive always been a little Submissive Whore. I need to be controlled By the right dominant man And to submitting to his will. I will do any and everything I’m told Nothing is too taboo for me to say no too.

Something about being tied up and bound makes my tight little fuckbox throb. Being vulnerable and waiting for my Daddy to give his next demand. I love being surprised by spontaneous request, Blindfold me and take me to your sex dungeon. Put a collar and leash on me and parade me around in the street.

We can have so many wild and exciting adventures  Once you make me yours! I want you to get as dark and twisty as you can get not one fantasy is off limits I want to know your most crazy and seductive stories you got.  I want to get nasty with you. You can even use toys with me. Im yours to play with daddy!


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