Extreme Temperatures

Torture Phone Sex

Master instructed me to stand perfectly still with my arms out while he inspected me. I tried to listen, but he attached small weights to each of my wrists, making it harder to keep my arms suspended. The pain in my shoulders grew too intense and Master showed no signs of mercy, so I was naughty. I let my arms down, telling him I couldn’t hold them any longer. This angered him. A lot. He smacked me across the face hard enough to disorient me, and before I knew it he had me tied up and on the ground. My hands and feet were tied up behind me and my mouth was gagged. Grabbing me by my hair, he dragged me across the smooth floors, down the hall, and into the bathroom. Then he threw me into the bath tub. Unsure of his plan, I cowered in fear. He was gone for what seemed like forever. When he came back, he was carrying to buckets of water. One sounded like it had ice in it and the other one was steaming. Terrified, I squirmed and tried to scream through the cloth gag. He dumped the first bucket of icy water over my naked skin. The frigid water made every nerve ending scream in agony. He then picked up the second bucket and pouring the boiling hot water over me. The extreme change made my skin feel like it had just been ignited into flames. Crying with my skin now singed, he told me never to disobey him again. I’m so sorry Master for being a bad girl! Please let me redeem myself.

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