Falling In Love With Latex

Erotic submissive storiesI have found that I love this stuff!  Yes it can be a pain in the ass to get it on.  Once on however, the feeling is exquisite!  There are a couple of things I have to remember though.  I have to make sure I stay very well hydrated, and that I try to stay at a constant temperature, otherwise I could over heat, and I do not want that because I really love to keep it on for a while.  If you have not tried latex yet I implore you to do so.

I think it would make a perfect gift for your submissive.  However, take them with you when you shop.  You do not want to pay a lot of money for something that fits poorly.  Ill fitting garments can cause problems.  If they are too tight, or have a wrinkle somewhere, it can cut off circulation which would cause nerve damage, it could also cause you to dangerously over heat.  I am sure you all already knew that though.

Imagine I’m there with you, wearing a form fitting, soft latex cat suit.  The way it would feel when you run your hands over it would not only feel incredible for you, but for me as well.  Plus seeing your sub in something so erotic looking wouldn’t be a bad thing for your magnificent cock either! I can completely understand why wearing Latex is a fetish in of it’s self. 

The way it feels on your skin, wow, that’s all I can, wow.  One of my friends came over not all that long ago and she saw one of my skirts.  She asked if she could try it on.  I told her sure.  I helped put it on her, but within a few minutes she started to get extremely itchy.  Instead of saying something she endured it for about forty minutes then she said she had to take it off.  It seems that my friend has a little bit of a allergy to latex and she has red bumps in the shape of the skirt on her skin for a bit.  I thought it was funny, but only after I gave her something for the allergy. 

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