Favorite Fetish

Erotic BDSM storiesMaster has this fetish where I dress up as a super woman hero and he breaks me down into his little whore. This is one of my favorite fetish cause I get to fight back. Do not get me wrong I love being Master’s fuck toy. And I crave his cock more than anything else. And I do love him and live for his happiness. But every once in a while it is nice to fight back, to get that extra discipline. To make him pissed off and it is somewhat ok. Any slave would know what I mean. He surprises me with his attack on me. Always catching me off guard. I am allowed to punch and hit anywhere as hard as I can during these fetishes. Of course the more I hurt him the more he hurts me. Little does Master know that I love it when he beats me. Makes my pussy super fucking wet.

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