Torture phone sex

I went to Master’s house as planned and the house was dark. I was afraid that my stupid cunt self had misheard and had been mistaken. Master will be so angry I’m not allowed to soil his home without his permission. I started to leave quickly hoping maybe it would go unnoticed to avoid his wrath but that’s when I noticed a faint light coming from the bedroom. I walk towards it, I peeked in and saw Master standing at the window. The room was lit with candles and on the bed as pair of black latex panties. I entered I knew he sensed me but he did not turn around, I undressed and put on what he had left for me. “Lay down” he said in a low voice. I did as I was told my heart beating fast, unsure if I had angered him somehow. He very turned around he removed his shirt and stood before me leaving his pants on. He ran his  hands over my legs and up to my pussy rubbing over the panties he left for me and he smiled. “Good girl” I could see the bulge in his pants I was so happy to be praised. He turned and I did not see what he grabbed. He then proceeded to squeeze my tits and teasing the nipples to get them hard. It felt good I didn’t want him to stop, a part of me really enjoyed this more kind sensual side of him. I closed my eyes and then I heard it. The sound of a lighter, I opened my eyes to start seeing him bring the open flame close to my left nipple. It’s started to burn and I screamed. He reached his hand up and covered my mouth, taunting me with the fire. My eyes watered as I felt myself being burned. I cried and felt stinging he began to shout at me. Calling me trash that’s meant to be burned, that I would be a waste of space in a landfill. He had his cock out now as he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me off the bed. He yanked my hair and pulled me onto my knees his cock ramming directly into the back of my throat, while he thrust back and forth. He grabbed a candle nears us and head it above my head as I choked on his cock I felt wax falling and burning my cheek and tits. He cock erupted in my mouth as I started shrieked. He pulled out to allow me to swallow and breath again. He told me to get dressed and leave his sight. He said a whore like me can stay dirty until I made it back to my hole. I felt so unworthy of his time.

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