Fuck Time

Bondage WhoreI had the best night last night! My neighbor showed up at my door at 1 am! I was half asleep when I stumbled to the door! Mark grabbed me and shove me to the floor in the hall way! He was mad that I was wearing clothes. I told him I was sorry. I did not know it was him at the door! But sorry was not good enough. He dragged me to the living room and ripped my clothes off. Then Mark pulled me over his lap and spanked my ass! It was so fucking HOT! Mark was telling me what a whore I was. And it made my pussy so wet! The harder he hit me the wetter I got! Then Master Mark pulled me down the hallway to my bedroom and tied me to the bed. Master Mark fucked me like the nasty whore I am. And when he left in the morning he left me tied to the bed. I am to wait here till master sends his friends over to fuck me. I have the best master in the world!

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