Fucked And Freed By BBC!

Submissive Whore

Today my submissive MILF Pussy got me in serious trouble with five big black cocks! I’ve been so horny since master left me all tied up after he edged my pussy with a vibrator for hours never letting me cum. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t untie myself or make myself cum at all that I got up from the bed and hopped out into the hall hoping my daughters would be up from their nap, they weren’t so I did the only thing I could. I hopped into the main hall outside of our front door thinking I could get my old lady neighbor to untie me, I certainly did run into a neighbor but not who I expected. My other neighbor down the hall, a big tall handsome black man, was coming home with some friends. When they saw me, all tied up and helpless, they stopped and stared at me like I was a trussed-up chicken and they were starving for a meal. I asked him to come help me so of course he and his friends followed me into my apartment. What I didn’t expect was for them to all drop their pants and start stroking their cocks. I was shocked and utterly delighted that this situation might relieve some of frustration from my throbbing cunny. I dropped to my knees like a good little submissive slut and let them slap me with their big hard black cocks. It wasn’t long before they were face fucking me and making me gag on their meat. I felt them lift me up and bend me over my kitchen counter before I was suddenly being stuffed full of cock. Their massive black rods took turns penetrating me and fucking all my holes until they began to burst. I took the first load in my cunt and the next one in my mouth before they all decided to cum on my tits. Once I had satisfied them by completely draining their balls, they untied me and left.


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