Fucked By A Machine

BDSM chat

My master gave me a great treat, he brought a sex machine for me to get fucked by. I was tied up and a bit elevated from the ground, and the machines bit fat cock was pointed straight up into my pussy. Before turning on the machine he flogged me. Seeing my skin with mars and red turned him on and would have him trembling. Right as my pussy started dripping from the flogging, he started the machine up. And with one plug the big fat dildo was being pushed up into me. He pushed another button and then it started vibrating. As it pumped me it is vibrated, it felt so good all I wanted to do I squirt all over but master told me I must hold it. He pushed the button again and this time the dildo was thrusting up in me faster and faster. I couldn’t take it so I begged master to please let me cum now. He screamed for me to cum hard and squirt my juices as he pushed another button and the machine was going at full speed. That night I squirted the hardest I had ever.  

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