Fucked by master and his furry friend

I was so humiliated, my master/sir had me tied down and made me suck his cock while his furry friend licked my asshole and cunt. My master made me eat out the bowl used to feed his four legged companion and  I was made to be his bitch He said since I was such a good little itch that he was going to breed us. I was tied down in the position that gave his furry friend complete access to smell and sniff my pussy, my asshole and lick me inside and out. I was then straddled by him and  he inserted his non human cock into my pussy, as he was thrusting and kept popping out of me he would go between holes and my pussy and asshole were his personal playground to make mini barkers . When his furry companion was done fucking my holes and my master had shot his load into my throat, they left me there dripping in human and barker cum. It was so humiliating.


Submissive whore



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