Fucked Hard While Bound to Sex Machine

Erotic submissive stories


My Master hooked me up to the doggy style sex machine that he bought just for me. My hands and feet were strapped to the machine while I was getting fucked in the pussy. I was squirming so much that my Master took me off and added the waist attachment so that I could not move at all while the dildo penetrates me. I was completely at the mercy of my Master as he had the controls for the speed of the machine. He started slow with a few strokes per minute and then started to increase the speed. He bent over, licked his fingers and rubbed my nipples. He made me so wet and that meant my pussy was ready for more. He increased the speed to the maximum it could take. I had never been fucked so hard and so fast before. My Master told me he wouldn’t remove me from the machine until I came ten times. It was so easy for me to come from the hard pounding I was getting. I hope he doesn’t leave me in this thing!

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