Fully Trained Toilet Slave And Cum Addict

Hardcore bondageA hardcore bondage fuck whore is the best play toy you will ever have. My master tells me frequently that I am his favorite slave because I never complain and I love to be in pain. He knows he can push my limits as far as he wants until he cums. We recently did some piss play and waterboarding while I was tied up. Oh my let me tell you, it was such a great time! Being a toilet slave girl and having water all over me, etc made me feel less than a human. I mean a bitches place is on the ground and doing whatever her superior tells her to do. When you make your master happy that is when you know you will be used frequently. I hope you want to use me too! I would love to make you cum and piss all over my useless face until I am a crying mess for you. Come force me to do whatever you want baby!

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