Gang Rape Fantasy

rape phone sex fantasies

I was taken today against my own will. It seems that my idiot husband has been going around doing drugs again and hasn’t paid his supplier. On my way to work I was hit from behind and dragged into an abandoned building where there some very big and scary guys waiting. They told me what the idiot had managed to do and what they were going to take from me to fix the problem. At first I thought that they were looking for money that I didn’t have or to cause injury but it seems that all they wanted was sex and a lot of it. Jokes on them- I LOVE sex!!! They spent the next 8 hrs fucking me in every hole that I had. By the end I am sure that I swallowed over 50 loads of cum and had many more of that in and on my body. When they finally let me go home I was exhausted and sticky. My idiot husband met me at the door and wanted to know where I had been. I told him to go do more drugs and to leave me alone- I was anticipating the next time that he let his bill get out of control!!!!

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