German Furry Dick

Cum slut phone sexMaster surprised me yesterday by bringing home a German furry friend to fuck me. He is so sweet like that! Master stripped me down naked and put me on all fours. He commanded me to crawl over to my furry friend and get his dick in my mouth. Which I did I have been craving the furry dick so I was quick to crawl over and get it in my mouth. Yum! It tasted so good I could have sucked on my furry friend for hours. But Master grabbed me by the hair and jerked off of Rex. Master slammed my face into the ground. Rex got behind me and jumped on my back digging his nails hard on my back. His dick took a few strokes to find a hole but he made his way into my cunt hole. My head still pressed against the floor I moaned out loudly as Rex began to fuck me real fast. Master kept his boot on my head and I could feel Rex starting to knot me. I started to pant like a dog and squirted all over that German furry dick.

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