Get Your Kink On

submissive whore robynIt’s Father’s Day….everyone is trying to “please” you. Gifts, meals, blah blah blah….
What you really want is some kinky, raunchy, dirty fucking.
You want a day to just let your primal, caveman out.
You want to be THE FUCKING MAN.
I don’t blame you Daddy and your wish is my command.
I am your Sweet Southern Submissive and just thinking about serving you today and everyday, has my bald cunt twitching. I can feel the juice making my panties wet.
I imagine approaching you with my eyes lowered, my arms out stretched with my palms up. I cum to you humble and eager to please. Dressed in my sluttiest little number I can’t help but notice that your cock is getting hard.
“May I have the honor of worshiping your cock with my mouth?” I asked without looking up.
I feel your hand on my shoulder as you push me to my knees and with out saying a word you present your dick to me.
I take my time flicking my tongue over every inch of you, careful not to leave any of you untouched.
Your Father’s Day is about to change drastically.submissive phone sex specials

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